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Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Clean Love: I'm in love with the sexy cooling cocoa mint body candy!

A hot, sexy pearl of the day for my hot, sexy kittens...

 This cocoa mint body candy from adds a bite of cooling sensation & playfulness to your romantic experience.

  This is the body candy gives you a subtle cool sensation, which does add lots of fun! It smells nice, unlike most that leave your body smelling like a vapor chest rub.

                                   HOW TO USE IT
  All you have to do is apply generously anywhere you want kissed! I found the more you applied in an area, the more intense the cooling effect. It wasn't too much though. Kissing or licking the areas it has been applied is what seems to activate the cooling.

                                       WHAT IT DONE FOR ME  
  I really liked it. I thought it made things much hotter. It just adds a little extra, a subtle mint-y cooling. I was really happy with how it was so easy, no need to shower after using! I absolutely hate those types of products that end up ruining your bed sheets, (or dish towel that happens to be lying on the kitchen table - ahem!) & then end up all over your clothing when you get dressed. I loved that this product did not do any of those things. It keeps up well. By looking at it, I didn't expect the little guy to have so much power!

  It's comfortable. Doesn't leave that greasy or thick filmy layer on your body. I also love that it isn't unpleasant to taste. I was almost sure it would be yucky, but it really doesn't cause any nasty taste or irritation. I'm sure it wouldn't be pleasant to take a bite of, but it certainly doesn't hurt to get a little in your mouth... or a whole lot!

  The packaging said the product was not intended for internal use, but being the strange girl that I am, what did I do? Yall know everything has to pass the 'cooter test' with me! lol. It wasn't bothersome or anything. I wouldn't recommend using it as a lube or deliberately using it internally, but I did a tiny bit & there was no problems.

  What did yall think I'd leave that part out? Ha! He said he really liked it! He didn't have any irritation or bad taste from it. He really found rubbing it on then licking & blowing air on it was very entertaining! lol Score for me!

  I was so glad that the texture was kind of waxy, not greasy & it isn't messy thank God! Who has time to clean up after a messy product? Also it's so frustrating when they get on clothing. This one was great. I had no problem with a mess. It stays in the place where you apply it.

  One thing that really made this company & their products stand out to me was their tastefullness & of course the wonderful product itself. But I loved so much that their online site is clean. I don't have to watch and xxx movie just to purchase from them. It may sound prudish, but those things mean a lot to women such as myself. I think it's amazing that they advertise their products without looking sex crazed.

  That alone gave me more trust in the company & products and it actually is one of the reasons why we made the decision to purchase from there now on. It's nice to have at least one good company around that can sell their items without having to add so much vulgarity. I just thought it really made things nicer.

  With that said, the high quality & the tasteful way they've put up their online store gives me comfort & they will be my first choice when purchasing love products. I think very highly of the company.

                                      WHAT ELSE?

  So far, I can honestly say that Good Clean Love's products have by far been both mine & the Bronson's favorites! I hope y'all stop by there and check out what they have to offer:

  I still have several other products of theirs setting on my vanity that I'm dying to try, but we decided to stick with using one item at a time that way I could give accurate results for each. It was a challenge to not try them all at once though! They all do seem amazing & I love that they are organic.

  All in all, this product is great & it'll certainly be staying around for a while. That little tin can sure has a lot of party inside! I'd give it a 5.   I plan to purchase more from them in the future & I will certainly leave my thoughts for you guys on those too.

*Please do let me know your thoughts & if you've used or plan to use goodcleanlove's products! I really want to know what products you liked. Recommend some to me for a change. :)*

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