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Friday, July 15, 2011

TheraBreath review and giveaway!

                            TheraBreath Review & giveaway!
                          *Giveaway instructions at the end of post*

I recently recieved TheraBreath toothpaste, TheraBreath mouthwash and TheraBreath Mints. Just to give you an idea of what TheraBreath products do, here's a little about the actual products:

TheraBreath's products are specifically made to conquer bad breath issues like halitosis, dry mouth and bad tastes that hang around. Dr. Harold Katz is the founder of California Breath Clinics.

Upon the first use of the TheraBreath tooth paste, I thought it felt strange in my mouth. It wasn't bad and really not a bad taste, but it didn't have the texture and foam that most tooth paste does. That's not important anyway; the important part is that it works. I followed up with the TheraBreath mouthwash which tasted plain, not bad, not delicious and certainly didn't have that burn that most does. It didn't have a sweet taste either. I didn't try one of the mints until later in the day, but when I came out of the bathroom one of the kids said "Whoa your teeth are white!"

I do a lot of things to keep my teeth white, always have and I've always had people tell me how white they were. I smoke too! A couple of months ago, I found it much harder to keep my pretty white teeth. I don't know what happened, but they just weren't whitening like they used to.

I usually use a teeth whitening strip every several months and brush my teeth daily with regular paste, floss, but rarely use mouth wash because it always seems to kill my taste buds! I never have trouble keeping my teeth clean, but I'm not happy unless they're burn-your-eyes white. I use peroxide a lot to keep them white, but lately it's been no use! I've even used... BLEACH! Not bleach for your teeth, bleach for your clothes! I know how awful that is, but I was desperate before. Then there's the smoking that doesn't help (yes, I'm trying to quit, ok!) It horrifies me that I might have smoke breath. And to make matters worse, the meds I was prescribed a year ago after surgery stop your sweat glands and mouth from producing practically anything! That means, super dry mouth, but the good thing is I don't have to worry about arm pit stains! When I went to the pharmacy to pick up my first prescription of the meds they told me not to even bother taking it until I had water. I can't even leave the house without a drink or I'll end up with cotton mouth. It is a pest. I get an injection every 3 months for my condition that is really bad for my bones so I'm sure those effects have caused some sort of damaging to my teeth.

With all of that, I've always figured people just live with it. If you suddenly can't get your teeth white, that's it. If you can't get rid of dry mouth, better hope you keep a drink on hand. Bad breath? Always have a mint! I really am impressed with TheraBreath, so, so impressed! I can say it's the best mouth wash and tooth paste I've ever used. I kept checking all day for smoke breath and I didn't have it! It really gets rid of that. That was only the first day I used it too. I had to get a few family members to try some of the mints and give their feedback as well. My mom hates peppermint, but she's a smoker too & loved that the mints kept the strong smoke smell off her breath. I gave one of the kids a mint too and when the BF came in from work he said "I used to have bad breath, you know? Well I don't have that problem anymore! Smell!" It was hilarious.

He's loving the mints. I had him brush his teeth with the tooth paste and use the mouth wash and I noticed a dramatic change in the color of his teeth. They were so much whiter and looked very clean. I actually had no idea TheraBreath whitened your teeth too until I used it. I've been admiring mine ever since I started using TheraBreath. I also gave my sister some of the mints to try. She liked them and had the kids smell her breath afterwards! Ha. Ha. I'm happy to say, they definitely work. TheraBreath is also good for canker sores. Strangely enough, the BF happen to have some sort of painful bump like thing come up on his lip the very same day the TheraBreath arrived! I made him use some of it on the sore lip that was becoming really swollen and today it had scabbed over and disappeared! It was only 2 days ago that he used the TheraBreath.

I don't ever get sores or canker sores, cold sores, etc. but my mother does. TheraBreath is supposed to be outstanding for things like that! I've seen people in actual pain from those sores so I know they've got to be a real pest. TheraBreath's products such as the toothpaste alone is said to be amazing for canker sores! I have had a bad sore inside my mouth in the back, near my wisdom teeth. It happened just last month after going through a whole bag of sour gummi worms. That sore caused me so much pain! I couldn't tell if I had a migraine with a toothache or what! I eventually discovered the yucky sores inside and found out it was an ulcer from too much citric acid. The point is, TheraBreath takes care of all of those things! I'm very glad to have learned this. It'll be very handy for the family. I only wish I'd had it when I had the mouth sore.

I really like the TheraBreath products. I don't worry about people getting close and smelling smoke on my breath anymore. It's actually been a really nice relief. I can't even taste that left-over coffee and cigarette taste that usually lingers anymore. Whew! And that sour taste that some people get after drinking or eating certain things, TheraBreath absolutely knocks that out! You could even have garlic and onions then use a

TheraBreath mint and never be able to smell it. I really love that I can take the pill that makes my mouth totally dry (my lips will actually stick together!) and go to sleep without being woke up feeling as if I'm dying of thirst. I hate when I wake up in a fog before it's had time to wear off just to get a drink. I haven't had to keep a drink with me at all. I can simply eat a mint and those babies make my mouth water. If you suffer from a seriously dry mouth, TheraBreath mints will definitely get rid of it. I'd even bet that TheraBreath would take care of even the worst case of halitosis.

The first thing the BF said when I asked him to try one (without even telling him what it was) he said "It's good, what kind is it? Man! It's making my mouth really watery!"

I just love TheraBreath. I never imagined it would actually be such a changing experience to try. I really didn't expect huge results. I rate

TheraBreath a 10/10, no doubt. I would go so far as to say it's worth every single penny too! (I don't say that often.) You could definitely say I'm a firm believer.


Unfortunately, I can no longer gleefully recommend the Therabreath Toothpase due only to one negative factor that I only recently discovered, which compelled me to come back and give my readers a bit of a "warning". Since I've written so much on not only my dental health journey, but on how to maintain dental health or improve it, based on heavy research I, and other health-conscious bloggers have taken interest in recently. We've discussed the severe dangers of fluoride here, and so I cannot consciously allow this all-positive review to remain up without putting a note in here: While the ThreaBreath products do have "health" slapped all over them, and truly are very effective, and the mouthwash unlike any other, I discovered that it contains fluoride, which obviously as we've discussed many times here, contributes to decay and does intense damage to our health.

In fact, you guys have been with me on my journey to "quitting toothpaste," which I quit and wrote about back in August of 2013, I think. Maybe 2012, I'm not even 100% sure! But, either way, I felt that it wasn't ethical for me to be so vehement about removing fluoride from my diet and health regimens and giving out information on the damages of using fluoride while letting this review direct readers to possibly thinking that Therabreath is 100% safe and healthy. If you're like me and believe that fluoride is harmful, then you should be cautioned. 

Being that the TheraBreath products were so amazing and truly one-of-a-kind as far as effective, healthier alternatives, I do have hope that the company (which has been very kind and generous to its customers) will re-consider the ingredient fluoride in their product. Nothing would stop me from using it with confidence if that ingredient was removed. As for now, though, I've been fluoride free (except the bits of it that sneak in via certain waters and foods, which I'm still working on eliminating fully), and that includes me quitting using this product. If you've kept up with my journey here, then you know my dental health has improved immensely since removing fluoridated dental products.

So, perhaps we should just ask Therabreath to re-consider the fluoride because I know I'd love to keep using it. I think I'll get in touch with them about it because I know how great they are with their customers needs & since they are all about healthy choices for dental health, then I'd bet they would be happy to re-consider this one ingredient! :)


I also had to add a few other things. My BF has had really bad tonsil problems for years and so has A (one of the kids I made try the TheraBreath) A's tonsils have been in dire need of removing for quite some time and the BF started getting 'tonsil stones' and a few years ago I got sick with bronchitis and laryngitis and suddenly I coughed up a tonsil stone and get them every once in a while now. They're so yuck! We're both always paranoid about them. He's desperate to get rid of them, they bother him very badly. We've never been able to find anything for it at all. Good news! TheraBreath's mouth wash has really seemed to have been a real help already for them. I'm hoping it'll stop them for good and stop the swelling and pain that comes with his tonsil issues. We've only been using it for several days, less than a week actually so I would say they'll probably clear up even more. I'll update on that in a few weeks. If the mouthwash alone doesn't completely stop the tonsil stones, TheraBreath offers a really nice Tonsil Stone Deluxe Kit that comes with everything you need and has been proven many times to be effective.

The also offer many other items for just about any oral health concern you may have. I'm interested in trying the Pet Products. Sounds strange to some, but a lot of people including myself, have a pet (in my case an old wiener dog) with horrific breath. I hate that every time he yawns near me it about knocks me down. I'm seriously thinking about giving that a try!

I also want to note that TheraBreath toothpaste "DOES NOT contain SLS. It's all natural, Kosher certified, vegan, sugar free (ideal for diabetics) and doesn't contain harsh or unneeded flavorings, dyes, and detergents. Keep you and your family canker sore free with TheraBreath toothpaste - also safe and effective for children. “(Cited from TheraBreath's web page.) Myself and my family are using TheraBreath now & I do feel safe with it and feel safe with the children using it. I have to say, TheraBreath has really went above and beyond. Can't find a single negative thing about it!

TheraBreath has a variety of Probiotic Care items as well. The Probiotic Care products come in chewing gum, rinses, gels, lozenges, etc. whichever you’re comfortable with!

I'll make the giveaway easy to enter. I won't require you to jump through hoops just to get an entry. :)


* US ONLY! *If you've already won a TheraBreath Prize, please refrian from entering. That way this allow others a chance to try them.*

Winner will recieve everthing listed below:
- Thera Breath toothpaste.
- Thera Breath Mouth Wash
- Thera Breath mints

To enter the giveaway Leave your information in the comment box:

1. Your first and last name as well as Your e-mail address. (This is a must. If there's no e-mail address to get in contact with you, the entry will have to be discarded)

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I will be using to choose winner. Winner will be contacted via e-mail, please reply within 3 days with your shipping information. 

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