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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Isosensuals- Enhance review and results!

  Have any of you lovelies heard of the Isosensuals line? No worries if you haven't. After several long months of using products from Isosensuals, I'm here to give you the nitty gritty.    

  We'll start with Enhance. If you can't guess what Enhance is, I'll save the day. Enhance is for the breasts. Yes, to enhance them! Now, before I get deep into this, I want to go ahead and say: I am not trying to give anybody the impression that enhancements of ANY kind are needed to be happy, love yourself or have someone love you. I am simply providing what I see as useful information on a product. Believe me, I think you guys are perfect how you are. That's not to say I don't like trying new things with my own self though and if you do too, then more power to ya! Either way, you shouldn't feel that enhancements for any part of your body are something that is necessary. Now that that is cleared up, let me tell you!

  I'll give you all the details I can on this particular product and then we'll get to how it worked for me. 

  Isosensuals is a company dedicated to producing items such as Enhance with natural and effective ingredients. 

  A note from Isosensuals Online: (find it under the "Mission" tab or click here.)


"Regain Youthful Confidence Naturally

Who says looking young has to stop with good skin care for the face? IsoSensuals™ was created to help women look and feel their best during the most sensual, intimate moments. IsoSensuals™ has taken a refreshing approach to deliver all-natural sexual wellness and body treatment care for today’s active woman.

Proven Quality

IsoSensuals™ unique formulation and design using premier ingredients have produced products that address women’s most challenging concerns. Our Sexual Wellness line utilizes traditional remedies consisting of natural ingredients of the most superior quality available from around the world. By naturally restoring the youthful resilience to important parts of the body, our sexual wellness line provides women with a renewed sense of sexual confidence and empowerment. The active ingredients used in our Body Treatments line have been clinically tested and proven in both lab trials and human studies ensuring fast, visible results. Women in over 100 countries trust IsoSensuals™ products because they work.

Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)

All IsoSensuals™ products are manufactured in accordance with the GMP.

  • Highest standards and regulations.

  • Strict quality control for stability, packaging, durability, and microbiological tests.

  • FDA compliant equipment for all manufacturing process."  

     Now that's the kind of thing I like to hear from a company!

    A few important points about Enhance:
    * The description on Enhanced says that you can experience up to an 18% increase in bust size in as little as 4 weeks! 

    *Enhanced is made with all natural ingredients.

    *Contains an active ingredient called Voluplus™ which apparently, is "proven to increase breast volume and feminine curves."

    *Provides firmness and lifting.

    *"Clinically proven results show that 80% of volunteers showed a significant increase in breast size
    - 18% maximum increase in breast enlargement
    - 12% average increase in breast enlargement
    Results reported from an independent clinical study conducted over a 28-day period with two daily applications."

    *5% concentration of active ingredient Voluplus™   

    *"Voluplus™ works naturally, safely and effectively on adipose tissue cells located in the breasts. Its mechanism is not invasive; it respects bust nature and its natural structure. Voluplus™ is made up of two main active ingredients: Macelignan and Macadamia Oil."

    How to use Enhance: 
    For best results, apply a generous amount of Enhance to breasts using a  circular motion (just as you would when properly washing your face) until Enhance is fully absorbed into skin. For better results you can apply twice a day.  Keep out of eyes, reach of children and use externally only!

    ME- Over the course of the past several months, I've not been able to apply Enhance every single day. I have skipped days here and there, but not any more than a few. I don't have time to pull them out and apply more than once a day and I prefer doing so after showering. I guess that's because that is when I apply my lotions too. I didn't notice a difference overnight and you shouldn't expect to, but I did notice some serious firming and soft, suppleness happening within the first few days!

    Application is quick and easy and let me just say, this stuff has such a unique, pleasant scent! It's a pleasure to use. It softens the skin so well it's a little unbelievable. My boobs seem to be pretty pleased.

    I didn't notice a very big difference within the first month, but I did have an increase in size. I wouldn't say my boobs have gone up a whole cup size, but they're much fuller and to be totally honest, I did not expect it! Even when I first started noticing the increase in size, I shrugged it off with 'it has to be my time of the month.' sorry for that, but I'm giving you the low down here. Then after a few more weeks had passed and I noticed them getting even larger, I honestly started thinking a miracle took place and I must be pregnant! The reason that's so shocking is because I am unable to become pregnant! Yes, I was not buying the Enhance ordeal. Eventually, it was clear that no, a miracle did not take place and well, my time of the month had long passed and my mosquito bites had turned into scorpion bites! That's a pretty legit comparison, I think.

    So, does Enhance really enhance the breasts? Yes, it sure does! 

    When I was about 17 years old I remember going online and searching for hours for a breast enlargement product. I was convinced that they weren't big enough and while I am using Enhance and finding it a very interesting experience, I don't need enhancements to make them good enough. OK? Got that? Only kidding, I'm just saying, there is an in-between here. 

    Back to my teenager-wanting-big-boobs story. I searched and finally found a pill, yes, a freaking pill! See, this is why teens should never be allowed to access the net without supervision! I ordered these bigger boob pills and set my phone to go off everyday when the mail ran so I could scurry out there for my box of huge boobs before my dad got there first. Three whole months went by and still, my boobs had not grown. Because the freaking boob pills didn't even arrive until I called customer service and three more grueling weeks later, I go to the mail box and sneak past my dad who was mowing the grass. 

    I ran inside and took me a few of those awful smelling booby pills. Then can you guess what I done? If you guessed that I took off my shirt and looked in the mirror, then you, my friend are correct! Ha. Ha. Ha. OK, enough with that. My point is I took booby pills religously for months and my poor little things were not bursting at the seams of my bra. In fact, I could've sworn they were smaller!

    So, we have just established that pills as well as most breast enhancement products are a complete waste. Now after such an experience you can see why I was so skeptical. Isosensuals truly has left me surprised and it's kind of suspenseful waiting and wondering just how much they will grow. Don't expect to use Enhance and 6 months later look like you just spent three weeks healing from the best plastic surgeon's hands in the world. That is not what Enhance will do and that, I'm not complaining about. I'm happy with my perky, firm and full results and that's exactly what I have. Let's just see what my results are in a few more months! 

      Above you can see Enhance on my leg. Enhance is on the left side, the one with the more runny consistency. Before taking this picture I was busing deleting all the others off my camera and left the glob on my leg. It never ran down. It ran just a bit as you can see and stayed there. (By the way, the other glob of lotion is actually Isosensuals Erase for stretch marks which I will be reviewing soon!) 

    It's very creamy and so soft! It's the softer than any lotion I've used and once rubbed in, it absorbs instantly and there is absolutely no way residue left behind. 

    By now, I've talked enough about how horribly bad I hate when any lotion, cream, etc. leaves behind the slightest amount of sticky or greasy. It irritates me so badly! Enhance is a remarkable product in so many ways, but I love that seconds after applying, your skin still feels natural, you can't feel the product on the skin, but the skin feels soft. Like nothing I've ever felt before! Soft and squishy is the only way I know to best describe how it leaves my skin. Well, besides perky, firm and big! Lol.

    I actually have grown so fond of  the Isosensuals line - including and especially Enhance -that I have it listed on "What's in My Vanity" page. Check it out! That's where I've listed a select few of my absolute must-haves.

    I've been tracking my results with Isosensuals Enhance and Erase and the rest of them. I will be posting my Erase results soon with before and after photos!

    So how big have they gotten? I'm around a half of a cup size bigger right now. With several months of on and off use. I'm not the only one who noticed! I didn't tell B when I would use the cream just to be sure we didn't accidentally get it in our heads that it was working if it wasn't. He knew I had the cream, but had forgotten all about it. about 3 months ago I kept talking about how they were mysteriously bigger, remember, I thought I was pregnant? Ha. Ha. Well, about a month and a half later he said "Oh my God! They are huge! How did that happen?" Ha. Ha. So, it was enough for him to notice an increase. That means you can expect a noticeable increase in size, not just a tiny one.

    Now that I'm back on track with regular use, I'll be keeping you posted! 

    My overall opinion/pro's and cons.
    There are many reasons why I adore Isosensuals and many reasons I adore Enhance. A few of those reasons are:

    - Effective
    - Outstanding ingredients
    - Natural
    - Clinically Proven results and easily accessible info on their results and such.
    - Well, I can't help it, but the scent. It just smells so pretty!
    - The way it leaves my skin unbelievably soft, supple, squishy and firm.
    - Almost immediately I noticed perkier and firmer boobs.
    - The no-residue cream.
    - The way my skin feels like natural skin after applying.
    - A little goes a long way. Product lasts.
    - It makes em' bigger! (That's a given!)
    - Safe ingredients.
    - The wonderful feeling of a breast massage. OK, I guess that doesn't count. 

    There's so many more things I'd like to list here that I love, but these are the top. 

    Absolutely! Without a doubt. No questions asked. Hands down. In a second! 

    Enhance gets a big whopping 10 stars from me. If I could, I'd even give it a 100! No kidding. It's an excellent product that continues to impress me. I don't know of a single other breast enlargment product that is effective and I've certainly never known of another one with such safe, healthy ingredients. So to sum it up, I'd say this: no other breast enhancement product can even hold a flame to Isosensuals Enhance... that is how that saying goes, right? Let's just put it this way: Ain't nothing else as good as Isosensuals! 

    Now, I want to hear from others who have used it! Please tell me your results in a comment or by E-mailing me at: (remember to chage the "at" to "@"!

    Also, if you want to know more about my results or have question for me feel free to send em' my way! I'll do my best to continue posting about my results, but no pics for the boob enhancer! I'll leave the before and afters for my stretch mark post. I'm sure y'all are all dying to see those! Ha. HA.

    *see my honesty pledge at the top*


    Anonymous said...

    thanks so much! i've been curious about this stuff... going to try it for sure now! have wasted money on all the icky smelling pills and such... ugh! have a lovely day!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm so glad that I found your page and your own personal reviews. I never know if those amazon comments are real or fake? haha. So, I am 20 years old and ever since I started getting boobies, one was always bigger than the other. Meaning a "C" and a "B". I've been wearing gel enhancers to even it out better but im still so uncomfortable to wear bathing suits or ever ever change in front of ANYONE. Ive looked into plastic surgery but i dont want to risk a bad job and possible tragic side effects.
    SO. im excited to try this cream!

    Anonymous said...

    Can you update again?

    Zoey Parker said...

    Wow this was really nice! :) Thanks for sharing this. looking forward for your next posts. Love it! ♥

    Leigh Griffin said...

    Its good to read and be educative by this detail share to us.

    angelica said...

    thanks so much for the review i just purchased a bottle all because of you. thanks alot

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    I've been thinking about buying this cream & you helped me so much !

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    Anonymous said...

    I am sorry to say I have used Isosensuals curve, enhance and the vaginal tightening gel for 6months now and have not noticed any visible change.
    Complete Waste of money if you ask me.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi. I used enhance for six months. I used to havve such insecurity about my breast size. I did Wendi hypnosis and noogleberry and.that got me from a sub A to a barely B. That took two years. Enhance got me from barely B to nice full B almost C in six months. I applied am and pm daily. And after all this age 42...i love my boobs. They fill out pretty bras, they jiggle and bounce, they feel young and new. They are now what I was wishing for at puberty. Dont give up or get surgery! Get this cream. And yes, my bf, now fiance, is pleased. It worked and the gain in size has not decreased at all,months after finishing the two bottles. Massage your boobs alot, it seems to help. I had no soreness and no side effects. Judt bigger boobs..praise the Lord! Best wishes.