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Friday, May 4, 2012

DAX--Removing Shampoo. Remove even the stickiest!

   Everything you see in the photos are products from DAX, all lovely hair products. I wanted to show you what I'll be talking about and well, it was much easier to take one photo of all rather than show each item seperately. The shampoo you see, in the tall bottle is the Removing Shampoo. Herbal Essence, move over! DAX has won my heart!

And since I love knowing a bit about a company and their products, I thought ya'll might enjoy learning who DAX is. Here's a brief bit, taken from their site. If you'd like to read more about DAX, go here.  

DAX Mission

 "Our mission is to provide people with high quality products to achieve their desired hairstyles. Imperial DAX is committed to becoming a global leader of hair care through research, new product development, quality manufacturing, aggressive marketing and superior distribution with the goal of making DAX a household brand name in the communities it serves."

DAX Values

"For more than fifty years, Imperial DAX has been a leader in providing quality hair care products. Our consumers are proud, appearance oriented, brand loyal and cost conscious. Men, women, teens and children use our products. Over the past several years, we have begun to develop an enlarging multi-ethnic clientele on several continents. We are very protective of our name and always seek product excellence and efficient distribution while maintaining affordability.

  We manufacture our own products and our continued product research and development allows us to offer the very best to our existing customers while enhancing our appeal in foreign markets. This is all possible because of supportive shareholders, our leadership team, an active sales force and a loyal production department. Absence of corporate bureaucracy allows for nimble decision-making and implementation. As DAX continues to prosper, we will never lose sight of the people to whom we owe our existence. We will reward our employees and also fulfill our civic duties by leading in the development and support of programs for the needy."
Silky and shiny!
Highlights need re-doing, but they sure aren't dull and bronze! Dax keeps them clean and blonde.


First of all, I want to talk about the shampoos available from DAX. They offer an incredible Removing Shampoo, which is what we're talking about here. Don't tell me you forgot! They also offer a Vegetable Oil Shampoo and a wonderful Restoring Shampoo. I've been using the Removing Shampoo and after my first wash, I decided that I will indeed be buying the Restoring Shampoo as well--I bleach my hair a lot.

The Removing Shampoo is designed to remove even the stickiest, sturdiest of hair products. If you've used regular hairspray, you know what a pain it can be trying to wash it out! Ouch! Thankfully, DAX has such a beautiful variety of hair products that I no longer have to use icky hairspray, but instead have been using their pomades and gels! Both a fantastic choice, but we will discuss those at a later date. 

Removing hair products like hairspray from your hair 

I've never used a shampoo--until DAX-- that helped remove my hairspray. When I use hairspray, it's a tangled, painful mess that requires extensive shampooing to fully remove without leaving white flakes in my hair. 

The Removing Shampoo will remove the hairspray without leaving your hair damaged, tangled and with white flakes! You know those times when you get gel happy or hairspray happy and really over do it? The Removing Shampoo will certainly take it out. 

When I hopped in the shower, ready to shampoo away the pomade and hairspray, I lathered the Removing Shampoo into my hair. I fully expected it to work. I didn't underestimate its power to do that, but I did think to myself 'my hair will be dry afterward.' I already have hair that tends to dry out easily and it's very high maintenance. 

I let my hair dry and was surprised at how smooth it felt. Later, I used my flat iron and was beyond surprised! I expected a little dryness and there was none! 


The Removing Shampoo is to be used like any shampoo. Wet, lather and rinse.

You can use the Removing Shampoo in other ways as well. If you've got a lot of hair product build-up, you can apply the shampoo to dry hair and give it a minute to sit. I've done this in the shower while washing my face, then going back to my hair after it's had a minute to absorb.  

The Removing Shampoo can also be used as a deep cleansing shampoo. This is a great solution if you're hair is really damaged from heat and products or just brittle in general. TO use as a deep cleansing shampoo, rub it between your hands and then apply all over wet OR dry hair. You can use it either way. I prefer damping my hair a little first. 

You could even apply the shampoo, then wrap your hair in a scarf or cap and leave it overnight for extremely silky hair. I like doing this with DAX's conditioner after I've bleached my hair. It repairs some of the damage that way. The results are just as good as using a leave in hair treatment. 

When using the Removing Shampoo to remove ALL DAX hair products, apply the shampoo to dry hair and rub througout hair to create friction. Then, DAX recommends adding a bit of water to activate foam. Lather and then rinse! 

The Removing Shampoo seemed to repair some of my damaged hair rather than damage or dry it out. However, everybody's hair varies and responds differently. DAX strongly recommends you follow up with their Restoring conditioner after using the Removing Shampoo.


-The Removing Shampoo contains soy bean, which nourishes and strengthens hair and is fabulous for dry hair. 

-Non-flaking! Hooray for that! For those of you that are daily hairspray users, you can rejoice! 

-Adds shine

-Leaves your hair super squeaky clean and healthy!


-By removing build-up, the shampoo will restore the color of your hair. If you're like me and your bleached hair tends to look dull after a month or two, the Removing Shampoo will be a God-send.

-It's fantastic for overly oily/greasy hair! 


IF you're interested in how DAX's Removing Shampoo worked on my hair, you'll need to know that I have very fine, short hair. I flat iron my hair daily. I bleach every few months and my hair tends to be oily if I don't wash every day. 

Considering all those things I do to my hair, it stays damaged. I had to resort to not washing my hair every day. It was so fried that I began to only wash every other day, but with hair that already gets oily quickly, that's tough. When I've recently bleached, I'll skip every other day of washing. This gives hair time to really restore itself and can make a world of difference. 

The problem was, my hair would be oily the day I skipped washing. The Removing Shampoo also removes oil very well. This means, I was able to skip washing every other day without it even showing! Today was my no-wash-day and it's 3AM and I've yet to wash it. I will wash again in the morning, but my hair still hasn't became oily. That's a big difference. I would recommend the Removing Shampoo to anybody who has oily hair or who needs to take a break on washing, but doesn't want oily hair. I'm able to skip my washing for a day and still have silky, voluminous hair and my highlights don't turn that dirty color.


The Removing Shampoo is safe for any length of hair and will work on normal and oily hair. For someone who struggles with overly oily hair, I cannot stress enough how helpful this shampoo is. A big plus--This shampoo is safe to use on color treated hair and will not cause a negative reaction or strip the color. It's safe on bleached hair and I liked how it brightened my highlights.


Since some people are really interested, I'll explain as best I can. The Removing Shampoo really isn't that scented. It doesn't smell fruity or floral. It's a simple shampoo with a big purpose. It's a high quality product that provides outstanding results. The smell is the last thing that concerns me, but if it does you, rest assured, it smells clean and nice. It's just a light, shampoo-y smell. Something like a non-scented shampoo or hotel shampoo, if you've ever smelled it. Not unpleasant in the least.


As you may have noticed in the photo, the Removing Shampoo has an off-white, pearlescant color to it. 


The Removing Shampoo has a nice lather to it. I like that because some shampoos that don't lather well, tend to require using twice as much for your hair. I use a quarter-quarter and a half size drop of this shampoo and it covers my entire hair. Remember, my hair is short. I have shoulder length hair in the front and very short in the back and this small amount covers entirely. I would compare the lather to one of Herbal Essence's Smooth shampoos. It lathers about the same as your average drugstore shampoo. 


After my first use with the Removing Shampoo, I noticed a significant difference in cleanliness. "Deep Cleansing" is exactly what this shampoo does! I loved the squeaky feel of my hair while I was rinsing. I also love that it's kept my hair clean for 2 days! That puts this shampoo above all, in my opinion. The fact that it cleans so well without stripping, is icing on the cake--or icing on the scalp?

The second thing that really caught my attention was how incredibly silky my hair has been since washing with the shampoo. Those typical hair shampoo commercials always use the word silky and I never quite understood silky hair because I'd never quite had silky hair! Yesterday as I was rubbing my hair, I kept thinking 'it's so soft! Only soft isn't the word for it.' As I kept freakishly stroking my hair, it came to me--silky! My hair feels silky. 

What else is to love? 
Well, have you ever used a shampoo, particularly a volumizing shampoo, and then tried styling or using a flat iron afterwards and noticed an awful, unmanageable fluff? Surely I'm not alone here? A lot of shampoo, even if it isn't designed to add volume, will leave your hair difficult to manage. If you have super fine hair like me, you totally understand. I wondered how things would go after using this shampoo. To my surprise, I was able to run my iron right through my normally tangly mess without problem. It was so silky that I didn't have to fight to get the iron through. 

Guess what else?
I flat iron my hair after showering and right before bed, then when I wake up, I go back over it with my flat iron. Usually, it's a nightmare in the morning! I have to spend a good 40 minutes working on it. I woke up yesterday and you'd have never guessed I had slept and not re-ironed my hair that morning! It still looked straight and sleek. No crimps or curls from my pillow! Now that's when I was impressed, and hooked! 


I would've never guessed I'd be so impressed with this shampoo. I had previously been unsatisfied, but using Herbal Essence. I used their straightening shampoo and the smoothing shampoo, both without results. For the price of the removing shampoo, you couldn't pay me to go back to a drugstore brand. I'm still impressed each time I use it. 

Just a week ago, before using DAX, my Lovie can tell you how you just how often he'd hear me say "CRAP! I have to wash my stupid hair tonight." Funny, but it's true. I actually dreaded having to wash my hair because I'd have to spend so much time straightening and styling it. So far, I'm more than pleased with this shampoo and am even excited to wash with it! It feels good to know that I can wash quickly and straighten without a long hassle. It's freeing up some time and I was even able to read an entire 350 page book the other night! That's big news. I had spent only minutes ironing my hair and when I was all done, had plenty of extra time left. Normally, between washing and ironing, I'd have to devote a good long 2 hours to my hair each night and then 45 minutes each morning. This past week, I've read 3 books in that time I've saved and am now on my fourth! It's about a cat who writes. Strange, but my bookstore guy swore it was a great read so I picked it up. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, that's the title. Very  unique! Now, if only the shampoo would read to me.... Kidding! You can't ask for better than perfect.

Ya'll know I'm kind of cheap. I don't like spending a lot of money on things unless they are every bit worth it. I have to say, the Removing Shampoo is a fabulous price and I was actually surprised to see that it wasn't extremely expensive. You pay about the same for it as you would any drugstore brand. It's actually a good bit cheaper than most drugstore brands! In my cheapie opinion, it's worth far more than it's priced, but I ain't complaining! I won't hesitate to purchase over and over and over. This shampoo makes my "must have" list! When I do my 2012 version of "What's In My Vanity," I can guarantee this shampoo will be! Yes, it has really impressed me. 

In a shampoo, I could not ask for better. I could rave and rave about this stuff--it deserves it. To sum it up briefly (I'm never good at summing a good product up briefly, but will if I must) the Removing Shampoo is a high quality, excellent product. 

Care to share your thoughts? What is your favorite DAX product? Anything you'd recommend trying? As of now, I've tried the shampoo and a few styling products, but will soon be trying the others so keep checking, I'll be discussing each of them! If you've not yet tried DAX products yourself, I highly recommed you go check out what they have to offer. Go here to view their lovely selection.

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